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HelpCloud offers a variety of services but with all of our focus on one mission: providing you with a solution for your tech issue. When our search engine can’t help you find what you need then you can rely on human interaction and supplemental support services available through HelpCloud.

One Search – Many Sources

HelpCloud Search was created to produce results that directs the searcher (you) to qualified results in a variety of mediums so as to fit every users learning type. The blocks of content you see on the search engine results pages are organized as following:

  • HelpCloud Resolution: original written content created in-house by HelpCloud. You can also sort through these on HelpCloud’s blog.

  • External Resolution: qualified and manually screened content linked to other websites, like a traditional web search engine.

  • HelpCloud Internal Solution: solutions to previous user inquiries provided by our professional Tech Advisors. If the search engine doesn’t provide you with a suitable resolution, submit an inquiry here.

  • HelpCloud Video Resolution: video content tutorials, how-tos, tech tips, etc. created in-house and uploaded to HelpCloud’s YouTube Channel.

  • HelpCloud Insight: a breakdown of a HelpCloud supplemental support service. These services can get you connected with live support agents when the search engine can’t help you resolve your tech issue. Or just give us a call.

  • Product Solution: an affiliate’s services and products that may lead you to the solution you are seeking. We only display products or services related to your issue.

  • HelpCloud Tech Resolutions*: resolution data from our non-identifiable data curated from our tens of thousands of tech cases.

*Note: some of these functionalities are still in development but will soon be released

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If HelpCloud Search can’t find your resolution then submit an inquiry to our Tech Advisors.

HelpCloud Tech Support Membership

The best in comprehensive care

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Everyone Matters

Membership with HelpCloud Tech Support includes a comprehensive support package that keeps your data and devices secure and safe while also providing unlimited 24/7 go-to support. You can call in or chat with us directly from your computer’s desktop and we will help you resolve your issue.

Our membership is month-to-month with no contractual obligation, you can cancel at any time. Those that purchase our annual membership receive priority support when they call in or chat with us in addition to two months of service waived at the purchase.

The package for this membership includes:

  • Unlimited 24/7 technical support via telephone or chat

  • The fastest and most reliable antivirus and firewall available:

HelpCloud partners with Webroot SecureAnywhere®

  • Identity theft protection and restoration services:

HelpCloud partners with EZShield®

Services include: Dark Web Monitoring, Credit Monitoring, Online Identity Vault, Fully-managed restoration services with 1-on-1 care in the event that you experience identity theft, End2End Defense® 32-step restoration process, 24/7 live support

Purchase Now

Interested? Call 1-800-813-5977 or fill out the form here to speak with a representative about a membership.

Price for HelpCloud Tech Support month-to-month Premium Membership: $29.97 monthly

Price for HelpCloud Tech Support annual Premium Membership: $299.70 yearly

If you are ever unhappy with our services then please call 1-800-813-5977 in order to speak with a representative about cancelling. For full refund and cancellation details in our Terms and Conditions, click here. Read here for how to cancel your membership.

Learn more about legitimate remote technical support memberships here.

Technician by-the-hour

Remote support at its best

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Smart Solutions

Some issues are one-time problems and you may not be interested in our month-to-month membership. Our Technician by-the-hour service allows you to connect with us and, no matter the issue, if we can fix it then you’ll only pay our hourly fee of $75 per hour.

Call 1-800-813-5977 or fill our form here to see if we can help with your issue.

Technician by-the-hour Services Include:

We can help you with setting up a new phone, email account setup and recovery, adjust app permissions for better security and privacy, browser setup and configuration, device performance optimization, printer troubleshooting and setup, minor router and WiFi support, new computer and monitor setup, speaker and headset troubleshooting, keyboard, mouse, and smart device troubleshooting, plus more!

We can connect with your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. We use trusted and secure software (LogMeIn Rescue and Rescue Lens) Learn more here.

HelpCloud Partners and Affiliates

Our Vetted and Approved Partner and Affiliate Products

HelpCloud Search will allow for affiliates to present their products and services that are appropriate and applicable to the user’s resolution intent. The product will be linked on the search engine results page when applicable to the search terms. If interested, email to further inquire on how to become an affiliate or partner.