About HelpCloud

What We Do

24/7 Remote Technical Support

We offer paid services and free resources to help solve any technical problem in your home. We help with computers, mobile phones, printers, tablets and more.

Lastly, we provide managed IT services for small to medium sized businesses in Utah.

Our Mission

To Be the Industry Leader For Online Tech Support

We want to reshape how people search for help online. Empowering you to find a solution to your problem, whether it be through HelpCloud Search or asking our specialist Tech Advisors for help.

HelpCloud Services

Remote Tech Support Memberships

HelpCloud Tech Support Memberships offer you 24/7 peace of mind for any technical problem on any device in either a month-to-month no contract plan or save with the annual plan.

One-Off Services

HelpCloud One-Off Services are great if you only need singular services like a computer clean, account recovery, or Technician by-the-hour.

Software Licenses

We are approved resellers for Software Licenses from IDrive, EZShield, and Webroot. Installed and maintained by us, HelpCloud.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT-Services in Utah and Salt Lake Counties. Including on-site or help desk services.

HelpCloud Free Resources

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HelpCloud Search

A search engine focused on finding solutions for tech issues.

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HelpCloud Learning Center

A hub built for helping find new tech topics to learn. Per week, we add one blog post, internal solutions, and one video.

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YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel with new tech videos weekly.

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Weekly Newsletter

Our weekly Tech Tips newsletter includes a summary and link to our latest blog post or YouTube video.

I want to fix it myself

Internal Solutions

Internal Solutions are problems anyone has emailed us which we have solved and shared. It also inlcudes custom solutions to tech issues our technicians encounter.

Our Story

We want any type of user to find the solution they need.

HelpCloud was created in 2018 based on the idea that internet users needed a dedicated space for troubleshooting, finding solutions to, and learning about all things tech.

Our office in Utah is full of friendly people who care about you and each other. We promise to never offshore our services and will remain USA based, locally owned and operated.

Read more about the people of HelpCloud here.

Our Values

Help For Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

We value transparency and your security.

We respect the right to be forgotten and will always be honest about our services and how we process your data.

Straight-forward marketing and sales so you can make informed decisions.

Empowering you by giving you the resources to solve your problem, or by solving them for you.

Your Security and Data

We do not sell personal or identifiable data;

We do not purchase your personal or identifiable data, all our advertising is through regulated ad networks;

We strive to build a GDPR and CCPA compliant website despite mainly serving North American based users. We believe in consent of the user and the ethos embodied in the GDPR and CCPA legislation. We will not contact you without consent.

We use software that encrypts and ensures anonymity;

We are PCI compliant. There is oversight on how we process financial data. We are held liable to U.S. consumer laws;

We follow TCPA regulations and never cold call. All our outgoing calls are to those that have submitted for help or are current or previous customers;

Our website is secured by SSL certificates and ensures the encrypted transfer of data between our website and your device.

Customer Reviews

Christina A

Every one I spoke with truly wanted to help we with my computer problems. I got hacked on Facebook and the techs at the Help Cloud sorted everything out, fixed...

Phillip S

Had a glitch recently and the HelpCloud people worked on cleaning up our whole computer and then reset my email and passwords. I am not much of a tech person,..

Danielle S

For one who hyperventilates when going onto the computer, HelpCloud was an awesome experience. I felt heard and not rushed. Everyone I spoke with was...

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