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I need expert help

I need
expert help

I want to fix it myself

I want to
fix it myself

I need expert help

24/7 Tech Support

Remote service for all devices. You don’t have to leave your house!

I want to fix it myself

USA Based

Our support agents are all in the USA.

I want to fix it myself

100% Guarantee

If we can’t fix it, you don't pay.

What we do

What we do

The Best in Remote Support

HelpCloud began in 2012 as a business to consumer remote tech support company. We have also branched into business to business IT support and solutions.

We take special pride in our continually developed free services: HelpCloud Search and HelpCloud Learning Center.

Role model for the
Tech Support industry!

Quote taken from a review on our BBB profile
(thank you, James M!)

Remote Tech Support Memberships

Monthly and annual plans to suit your budget (no contract).

One-Off Services

Account recovery, Technician-by-the-Hour, Computer clean.

Software Licenses

IDrive data backup, EZShield Protection, Webroot Antivirus.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT-Services in Utah and Salt Lake Counties. Including on-site or help desk services.

I want to fix it myself

Free Diagnosis

At-home tech issues can be frustrating to diagnose on your own. Call HelpCloud to get an expert diagnosis.

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Customer Reviews

Christina A

Every one I spoke with truly wanted to help we with my computer problems. I got hacked on Facebook and the techs at the Help Cloud sorted everything out, fixed...

Phillip S

Had a glitch recently and the HelpCloud people worked on cleaning up our whole computer and then reset my email and passwords. I am not much of a tech person,..

Danielle S

For one who hyperventilates when going onto the computer, HelpCloud was an awesome experience. I felt heard and not rushed. Everyone I spoke with was...

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I want to fix it myself

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