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HelpCloud Managed IT Services is your local partner to help you manage the constant care and upkeep for the tech side of your business. We aim to provide you with smooth, simple, and steady IT for your business because smooth IT means a fast business.

Tech Support Industry Leader

HelpCloud has 10 years of experience with business to consumer tech support. Because of this experience, we are one of the industry leaders in remote tech support. We utilize software that allows us to connect with any device: PCs and laptops with any operating system, smartphones, tablets, etc. With your smartphone’s camera we can also view and help repair hardware issues. When remote support isn’t the best for a resolution, we are based in Lindon, Utah and can deploy a technician up to 45 miles away.

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Insightful support and servicing
HelpCloud Benefits

Your package with HelpCloud is custom built and tailored to your needs. All technicians deployed are A+ certified. Service options include:

Managed IT Services

  • IT Help Desk Services
  • IT systems and support
  • IT security and compliance
  • Services automation:
    • Billing
    • Assets management
    • Inventory management
  • On-site services:
    • Setting up new devices, network and server infrastructure
    • Maintenance and repair of current devices and network
  • Remote tech support: instant support for any device
  • IT and digital strategy consulting

Software we can manage and provide

  • Remote management software
  • Online data backup with IDrive
  • Antivirus and firewall with Webroot

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HelpCloud’s Top Tip for working with a MSP

Emphasize Cybersecurity Training for Your Team

Effective cybersecurity is a collaborative effort between your managed IT service provider and your in-house team. To enhance your organization's overall security posture, invest in regular cybersecurity training and awareness programs for your employees.

Cyber threats are continually evolving, and human error is a significant factor in security breaches. By educating your staff about best practices for identifying and mitigating security risks, you can reduce the likelihood of costly data breaches and downtime.

Work with your managed IT service provider to develop customized cybersecurity training modules that address the specific needs and risks of your organization. Encourage your employees to stay vigilant, practice good password hygiene, recognize phishing attempts, and report security incidents promptly. A well-informed and security-conscious workforce is a crucial asset in safeguarding your business's digital assets.

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