Abnormal or excessive amounts of spam

How much Spam is too much spam?

Receiving Spam in your email is a headache for anyone. Obviously no one wants any spam, but what if you’re receiving an unusually large amount?

If someone is receiving excessive or abnormal amounts of spam; that indicates the account has been compromised.

But how much is too much? An abnormal amount of spam would be receiving a dozen or more in just a day or even a matter of a few hours.

In order to fix this, you’ll need to re-secure the account by updating the password.
Go online and reset the password as you typically would through your account settings and be sure to use something extra safe since your account is at risk! You’ll also want to avoid making your password too similar to what you have used in the past.

Need help resetting your email password?
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Check out this link here for more information on resetting your password