Update Date and Time – Windows 7

Websites on the internet use your Date and Time to verify your device and the location. So when you have your date and time incorrect, web pages won’t load and typically give you an error saying ”Unable to verify the Data received” or something along those lines. To see if this is what’s causing your issue, follow the steps below.

How to update date and time on Windows 7:

1. Open the start menu and type ”Date and Time” in the search bar

2. In the Date and Time dialog, click the “Internet Time tab”

3. Press the “Change Settings” button
(Press the “Continue” button on the UAC window if it pops up)

4. In the Internet Time Settings dialog, click the Server drop-down arrow and select “time.windows.com”

5. If this fails, you can also try “time.nist.gov”

6. Press the “Update Now” button to update the clock of your computer. Make sure you receive a notice saying that it successfully updated, then you can click “OK”

From here you can test your new settings by visiting any website and verifying that it loads the page.