Switching from Standard View to Basic HTML on Gmail

Gmail has previously had ways you could change the settings of the page layout but they have since removed those options. There’s a way around this but you can only change the settings as you’re logging into the account.

The 2 view settings you can use are:

The Standard view. This format will be the most current up to date settings with all the elements loading on the page like fancy animations and buttons.

The Basic HTML. This view is a simpler layout of your mail that loads the page using HTML.
This can help anyone that has a slow connection, or possibly a browser that doesn’t support it.

  1. Open the login screen for Gmail and login as you normally would with your email and password.
  2. Now as you log in and while the page is loading, in the bottom right-hand corner there will be a message that says ”Loading standard view | Load basic HTML (for slow connections)”
  3. You’ll select the Blue Hyperlink that says Load basic HTML
  4. A page will load saying ”Do you really want to use HTML Gmail?”
    This will come with a recommendation that it’s only for slow
  5. You’ll confirm by selecting ”I’d like to use HTML Gmail” connections. .

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