View Saved Password through HTML Source

Note: this method is typically the fastest way to see what passwords are saved in the browser in the chance that you cannot recover an account password through normal account recovery options provided by the platform.

You can actually view the passwords saved in the browser by going through the settings. You can also use Password decryptors that will pull passwords saved in the computer. (See Using Password Decryptors)

Sometimes going through your browser settings doesn’t work because the settings on the computer are set to enter the computer password in order to see them.
So if we don’t have the computer password for any reason (especially Mac) you won’t be able to view them.

These instructions go over how to change the Page Element so that instead of seeing the password character’s as dots or stars, you see as plain text without needing any passwords:

  1. Go to the page where the password is saved.
  2. Click your cursor in the password field so that you know it’s selected.
  3. Now right click in that same field and in the menu that pops up at the bottom there should be an “Inspect Element”. Click that.
  4. The coded elements for that page will pop up, typically on the right-hand side or bottom of the window.
  5. Because we selected that field it should automatically highlight all the elements of the password field in blue.
  6. In this highlighted area were looking for something that says “type=password”.
  7. From here you’ll want to change the word password to text and then hit enter to save it.
    It should look something like this: ”type=text”

When you hit enter it should display the Password as plain text.
This doesn’t mean the password is correct but might help in recovering it.

HelpCloud has 7 years experience helping tens of thousands of customers with password recovery. Reach out to us at 1-800-774-2740 if you are in further need of assistance.