A search engine with a human touch.

Our search engine offers answers with resolution for tech issues. If our search doesn’t find your tech resolution then our supplemental tech support or HelpCloud LiveSupport services can. LiveSupport is available after you submit your search inquiry.

About HelpCloud

HelpCloud was developed in 2018 based on the idea that internet users needed a hub for troubleshooting and finding solutions for all things tech. We’re building a go-to tech resolution search engine along with supplemental tech support services. We believe that AI has a place in this world and it will bring unprecedented efficiency and solutions to human error. Regardless, it cannot replace the human aspect in service and customer care as AI does not have the ability to empathize with whatever difficulties that you are encountering. The edge that HelpCloud has is that we strive to keep it human. Our mission is to aid any user in finding a resolution to their tech issue.

HelpCloud Search doesn’t just produce the results you need in order to find a solution to your issue, it also provides you the opportunity to submit an inquiry if you can’t find a solution for your issue. Our Internal and External Tech Advisors will then swarm and collaborate to produce a real solution to your real issue. No AI, automation or fancy bots, but humans cooperating and collaborating on an issue to bring you an empathetic resolution.

You can also engage with a live agent via chat using our HelpCloud LiveSupport tool found when using HelpCloud Search.

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HelpCloud Tech Support Membership

Membership with HelpCloud Tech Support includes a comprehensive support package that keeps your data and devices secure and safe while also providing unlimited 24/7 go-to support. Membership also includes: Webroot antivirus and firewall, EZShield identity protection and restoration, iDrive daily data backup in cloud, plus more!

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HelpCloud Search

HelpCloud Search was created to produce results that directs the searcher (you) to qualified results in a variety of mediums so as to fit every users learning type. If you cannot find your solution in the various results or you are unsatisfied then you are invited to submit an inquiry (click “Interactive” under the search bar) which will be personally answered by our Tech Advisors and also added to our search engine results for future reference.

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HelpCloud Technician by-the-hour

Some issues are one-time problems and you may not be interested in our month-to-month membership. Our Technician by-the-hour service allows you to connect with us and, no matter the issue, if we can fix it then you’ll only pay our hourly fee. This service is for tech issues on smartphones, tablet devices, printers and other household hardware, and smart devices.

Call 1-800-813-5977 to see if we can help with your issue.

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HelpCloud Partners & Affiliates

HelpCloud Search will allow for affiliates to present their products and services that are appropriate and applicable to the user’s resolution intent. If interested, email affiliates@helpcloud.com to further inquire on how to become an affiliate or partner.