EZShield’s Mobile Defense Suite™

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Why Consider EZShield Mobile Defense Suite™?

  • Secure your most important information

  • Daily monitoring to help keep you aware of any potential fraud

  • The app alerts you to potential malware threats on your device

  • Receive helpful prevention tips and breaking fraud news

Next-Generation Mobile Threat Defense Combined with Award-winning Identity Theft Protection

EZShield’s Mobile Defense Suite is mobile cybersecurity and identity theft protection at its best. Mobile Defense Suite uniquely focuses on four key components to mitigate threats both for the individual digital footprint and the enterprise through:

An Award-winning Mobile App

Recently earning the 2018 BankNews Innovative Solutions Award for Best Authentication/Fraud/Cybersecurity Solution, EZShield’s mobile app provides anywhere, anytime access to all the monitoring and reporting behind protecting an individual’s personal information and identity.

Mobile Attack Control™

Prevent malware threats on your smartphone or other mobile devices through a newly built solution from EZShield, which signals through comprehensive device scanning if an individual’s mobile device has been compromised. These malware threats may include rogue applications, spyware, and alerting around unsecured Wi-Fi connections (another way to distribute malware) and even fake networks (i.e. network spoofing).

Mobile Attack View™

An enterprise Dashboard for IT and InfoSec Teams provides a single-source view of mobile threats to your customer or employee population on your network that may need action in order to lock down specific devices and identify a potential security risk or incident.

Mobile Attack Recovery™

Provides consumers and individual users with steps for remediation and white-glove restoration if an incident does lead to an identity theft incident. More information about EZShield’s resolution services can be found here.

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