“The Action Can’t be Completed Because the File is Open in Another Program”

When you are uninstalling a program, some will not allow you to run the Uninstall file until the program is no longer running.
So you’ll want to close the program running in the background and you can do this a few ways:

It may show you the program running already on your Taskbar on the bottom right hand corner near your System Tray, or it may be in the System Tray itself.

If you see the program in either of these locations, attempt to right click the program and they should have the option to “Close” or “Exit:”.
If you were able to close the program go ahead and continue to uninstall it.

If you can’t find or don’t have this option, or it says its still running then try option 2:

Open your Task Manager. CTRL+ALT+DEL or by simply right clicking on your desktop taskbar and selecting “Task Manager” from the menu.

Under “Processes” you’ll want to look for the program, right click and select “End Process Tree”.

It can be tricky to find the program sometimes, so look for items that should have a similar name to the program, or the programs publisher.