Add, Edit, or Delete a Recovery Email for Gmail Account

Quick Guide for Advanced Users:

Log into email > In the top right hand corner select your account > Google Account > Personal Info > Contact Info.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add, Delete, or Edit Your Gmail Recovery Email Address:

  1. Log into the Gmail account you’d like to add recovery options to.
  2. Click the top right-hand corner picture where you would typically go to log out.
  3. Select the blue button that says Google Account.
  4. Look for the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the window and select Personal info.
  5. Under the Contact Info section, select the email option.
  6. You can either add a recovery email address, change existing email addresses (click the Pen icon to edit), or delete a number (select the Trash icon to delete)

Notes and Tips:

You will most likely be asked for the password to your account when you try to make those changes, so make sure you have the password for that email.

For your security you should only use an email address you currently have access to and use regularly.

For more help on this issue check out this link here:

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