Yahoo Email Won’t Login, Screen Loops or Reloads – WINDOWS

Typically this means you’ll need to clear your browser’s cache. However, the link below provides additional steps you can take if you continue to have issues.

Quick Guide for Advanced Users to Clear your cache:

Open Command Prompt > ipconfig /flushdns

Or you can clear it from your browser settings.

If you go to Yahoo and try to login with the wrong password you’ll receive an error that says “Invalid password. Please try again”

However, if you try to login and receive no error and just keeps reloading without ever logging you in then the login page is stuck in a loop. This is especially true if you’re confident you’re using the right password.

Your browser stores what are called “Cookies” once you visit a site. This acts like a shortcut and allow’s your computer to know exactly where to go next time instead of searching for it each time. This makes for faster load speeds since we typically visit the same sites.
Not all cookies are good and should be cleared out and updated regularly since website locations and features change all the time.

To fix this you’ll need to clear your cache so that your computer is forced to find the new updated information.

How to clear your cache:

  1. Open your Start Menu.
  2. Begin typing: Command Prompt.
  3. You should see Command Prompt in the menu, instead of clicking on it you’ll right click once.
  4. In the smaller menu that pops up select “Run as Administrator” (You may be asked for your computer password, if so you would enter that in now)
  5. You should now have a black window with the curser in it blinking and ready to type.
  6. What you type needs to be exact or else it wont work. You’ll type following text: ipconfig /flushdns

Now you can go back to the page and try logging in again.

Check out this link for additional help with logging into Yahoo: