Viewing Saved Passwords in Chrome Browser

As you log into any type of account online you might notice you receive a pop-up message in your browser saying “Save Password?”. You’ll then receive the option to select “Save” or “Never”. If you save your login information then it will auto-fill anytime you visit the site. This way you don’t have to type in your email and password every time. You can opt-out of these messages by changing the settings to stop asking you each time, or you can also block specific sites from asking you again by selecting “Never”. 

This can also be very convenient as it allows you to view your saved passwords and emails if you ever forget your password to an account. Follow the instructions below on how to access those saved credentials. 

  1. Open the Chrome menu using the button with the three lines on the far right of the browser toolbar. 
  2. Choose the “Settings” menu option.
  3. At the top of the window under the “Autofill” section select “Passwords“.
  4. You now should have a list of all your saved credentials. Next to each password saved should have an icon that looks like an eyeball. Click the eyeball next to the password you’d like to view.   

*You may be asked to Enter the Computer Password. If you don’t have the computer password, try searching our database for “View Saved Password through HTML Source”.