Turn Automatic Forwarding On or Off for Gmail

Email forwarding is a rule you can setup on your email that allows you to re-send any emails you receive from one email account to another email account. This can be setup to send your email to multiple addresses as well. You can also choose to have the messages deleted out of the original inbox, or you can choose to keep both copies on both emails. You can also choose to have all the emails be forwarded or just specific ones, not including spam.

*You can only setup forwarding on a computer, not the Mobile App.*

How to setup a forwarder:

  1. Login to the Gmail account you’d like change your forwarding settings
  2. Once logged in, look for the Gear Icon in the top right hand corner
  3. Select the Gear Icon and click settings
  4. There will be several tabs at the top of the window starting with General, Labels etc.
    Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  5. The top section of that tab should say forwarding
    If you don’t already have one setup it will have an ”Add a forwarding address” button
    (If you already have an email added and would like to edit the settings, see step 9)
  6. Select this and enter the email you’d like to receive these messages automatically
  7. Then select next and a window should pop up asking you to confirm this. It will say, ”Forwarding mail to example@example.com”, you can confirm by selecting Proceed or you can cancel
  8. This will give you a confirmation code sent to the email you’re trying to add.
    Login to the receiving email and either copy the code and enter that into the Forwarding section of the settings. Or you can just click the link in that email.

    This will open a window asking you to confirm.
    *Editing an existing email on the account*
  9. If you already have an email added to the account you can disable forwarding by selecting the first option or select the next option to change the settings
  10. The next option should say ”Forward a copy of incoming mail to” there you should have a drop down menu to add which email you’d like to receive these messages automatically
  11. The next drop down menu allow’s you to set what happens to those emails on the primary account that’s receiving those.
    You should have the option to:
    • keep the copy in the Inbox
    • mark the copy as read
    • archive the original copy
    • or Delete the original copy