Can’t Open Photos with .AAE File Extension – Transferring Photos from iPhone to Windows with a USB Cable – iOS 8 and Later, OS X 10.10 and Later

If you notice .AAE files showing up in your folder while you’re trying to transfer your photos on a Windows, you probably have either an iOS 8 or later, or OS X 10.10 and later.

Unfortunately, they provide no way to change or fix these files to allow you to view these on a Windows computer. You can prevent this by not using your phone to make edits to your photos.
This all comes down to the way the edited photos are saved.

When you make an edit, they will copy the original image and create another file saved in the same spot as the original image. They do this to prevent your original image from being affected.

When you try and transfer these files, you should see the original .jpg version with the .AAE version saved together in the same spot.
For example:

You can still access the .jpg version of this photo, which is the same photo, however, without any of the changes you made. From there, using the original copy of the image (the .jpg) the best course of action would be using whatever Photo Editing Program you prefer to use on Windows to make any of the changes you want made to your images.

Learn more about .AAE File Extension Type here: