How to Reset Your Facebook Password or Recover Your Facebook Account

In order to reset your Facebook account password, you’ll have to verify that it’s your Facebook account through one of the recovery options. This allows Facebook to protect your account from other people that may be trying to access it. Your recovery options will depend on what you’ve setup and saved on your account in the past.

Start by visiting Facebook here:

In the top right-hand corner of your window should be a spot asking for and Email and Password to login.

Underneath Password should be Forgot account?. Click that.

Where it says Please enter your email or phone number to search for your account, enter your email or phone number.

This should now present you with whichever recovery options have already been setup on the account.

Those options might include:

Trusted Contacts:

Trusted Contacts is a new feature recently rolled out by Facebook that allows you to use one of your Facebook friends to receive your verification code. In order for this to work, your contacts had to have been setup and approved by you already. Learn how to setup Trusted Contacts here:

If you’ve already approved Trusted Contact, simply enter the email you have access to, click on reveal my trusted contacts. Now enter the name of one of your contacts and Facebook will send a link that only they will receive. From there they will just need to select the link and provide them with the code to enter in.

Security Question:

Few people will have this option because this is only for Facebook accounts that date back old enough when this feature was still available. If you have this option, simply enter the answer to the question they provide.
Note: this is case sensitive! Try your best to remember exactly how you would have typed it when you originally answered the question.

Send code via SMS:

Choosing this option allows you to receive a text message with a verification code to the phone number attached to the account. Once you receive this text, simply open the message and enter the code.

Phone call:

Choosing this option is similar but instead of a text you can receive a phone callto the phone number attached to the account . Select Send Call and you will receive a call with a recorded voice reading off your code. Enter this into Facebook.
Tip: have something to write with before you request a call in case the call is too quick for you.

Send code via email:

This option allows you to receive a 6 digit code to the email for your Facebook account or any other email you’ve already attached to your account.
Simply log into this email and locate your email from Facebook. Locate your 6 digit code in the email and enter this into Facebook.

Auto verify – Use your Frequently Used Mobile Device

Facebook has recently come out with a new feature that allows you to use the mobile device you frequently use to log into Facebook. This is even more successful when you are also connected to a frequently used WiFi connection. Simply open the app and select the forgot password option. If you use the device frequently enough this will just automatically redirect you to where you can reset your password without verifying.

Report Account – Identity Verification

If you tried all your recovery options and still can’t get into your email or if you think your account has been compromised by someone else, you can submit a form for help.

Using Identity Verification you’ll be able to verify your identity by sending government issued ID.
Though, you should always be cautious of sending sensitive information like this online. It is legitimate and they are obligated to keep your information protected.
Once you send your ID to Facebook, they will respond to you in 1-3 days.

To send your report:

Take a picture of your ID with a camera or mobile device. You can plug in your device to transfer that photo using your USB cord or you can also email it to your own email where you can then download and save it to your computer without connecting your device.
(Need help transferring your photo? Go here:

Go to:
Attach the photo and fill out the form.
Wait 1-3 business days for an email with their response.

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