How do “Pick-lists” work in Salesforce

Pick-lists work in a system for allowing Salesforce users to be given simplified and standardized values to select from. They can be used for guiding users to the values they need to make data entry quick and easy. They’re not recommended to be used for long entries, or values that are unique. Pick-lists contain two parts, the field which defines the type of pick-list, and the value set which is the drop-down menu that they are provided. Pick-lists come in three variations: Standard, Custom, and Custom Multi-select. Standard Pick-lists are the ones that are included in your Salesforce organization before any customization. Examples include the “Lead Source” Pick-lists. As well as the Opportunity Stage Pick-lists. Custom Pick-lists allow for a bit more direct variations in a unique custom Field and Relations found under the object manager. The custom Multi-list allows users to select more than one of the choices in your custom list but they have a lower limit on total values that can be input.