No Administrative Password for Windows XP

If we don’t have the password to login to the XP computer it been lost or forgotten then what we can do is try to bypass the password.

Boot the computer into Safe mode. Do this by shutting down the computer.
Once its shut down you’ll turn it back on and immediately hold the “F8” key until you get a black and white window.

From the Menu select “Safe Mode with Networking”.
Once the computer is finished booting up into safe mode you should see your account and a new account that says Administrator. Go ahead and login to that account.

You may get a prompt saying Windows is running in safe mode. If you do click “Yes”.

Now you’ll open the Control Panel > User Accounts > Select the account your trying to log into > Select Remove Password > Remove Password again.

Then you can go ahead and close all windows and restart the computer.
This time you should be able to log into the account without any password.