Managing Saved Passwords in Chrome

Anytime you visit a site where you’ve entered a Username and Password, Chrome will pop up a window asking if you want to save this in your browser. This means, each time you visit the site all your information is automatically filled in. You can also follow these instructions if you’re trying to save your password to a site but Chrome doesn’t prompt the option to save.

To access those, first make sure you are in a Chrome browser window.
Once you have a window open, visit the following link: chrome://settings/passwords

At the top you will have a switch to turn this On or Off if you don’t want Chrome to ever ask you to save your password.

The Auto Sign-in allows the profile to login without confirmation. You can force Chrome to verify each time by turning this off.

Now you should see is a list of all your stored credentials.
If you don’t see any saved, then you haven’t ever agreed to save any of your logins.
Verify the ‘Offer to Save Passwords’ switch from above is switched to ‘On’ if so.
If you did save any, you should see a list categorized by Website, Username and Password.

To view any of these, simply click the circle that looks like an ’eye’ next to the right of the password you’re trying to view.

Next to that there should be an option with 3 vertical dots.
You can select ’Details” to view details or ”Delete” to remove it.

If you want to save a password for a site but Chrome doesn’t send the prompt to save your password, you may have already been asked and selected ’Never”

You can fix that by scrolling down to the bottom section labeled ’Never Saved’
Next to each site will be an ’X’
Select this next to the corresponding site you’d like to remove.

Have a lot of stored credentials? You can use the search bar located in the top right-hand corner where it says ‘Search passwords’