Before the error message is flashed on the screen, the icons disappear and when the user clicks on the Start button or any other Windows Service Application, the Explorer.exe System call failed error is displayed.

*Quick Tip: You can quickly resolve this problem but simply rebooting the computer.

To resolve this, simply Restart Explorer.exe

  1. Open Task Manager
    * You can type this in the start menu or select CTRL+ALT+DELETE and you’ll be given a window to open that
  2. Switch to the Processes Tab and locate the process named Explorer.exe
  3. Right-click and select End Process to stop it
  4. Now in the top left-hand corner select File>Run new task
  5. In the new window that pops up type: explorer.exe
  6. and select OK or hit Enter

Test if that resolved the issue by clicking the Start Menu or opening any Windows Service Applications.

If you’re still experiencing the same issue, you may have to run a System Restore or reboot into safe mode and scan for any malware on the device.
For help on running a System Restore or rebooting the computer into Safe mode, search our Tech Resolution Hub for ”Manually Boot into Safe Mode.” or ”System Restore.”