Types of Scanners

A scanner is a device that captures images from photographic prints, posters, magazine pages, and similar sources for computer editing and display. Scanners come in hand-held, feed-in, and flatbed types and for scanning black-and-white only, or color.

Flatbed Scanners:

Flatbed scanners are some of the most commonly used scanners as it has both home and office functions. The way they scan documents is that a mechanism rolls under the document to obtain the image. For businesses that have a need for high processing abilities, the flatbed scanner can scan any number of documents with a click of a button.

Sheet-Fed Scanners:

Sheet-fed scanners cost between $300 and $800. This type of scanner works like a flatbed scanner except that the image is fed through the scanner and moves along the beam to be read rather than the beam moving. This type is not useful for books, but only single sheets.
The aforementioned scanner types are the most common types of scanners used in homes and small offices.

Integrated Scanners:

Integrated scanners are becoming one of the most modern types of scanners when it comes to obtaining images. ATMs feature this type of built-in scanner for check-processing and approval.

Drum Scanners:

These types of scanners are used mainly for capturing a picture and producing at a very high-resolution rate. There are only a few companies that make these scanners, considering the high cost of producing a scanner such as this. It is considered as a tremendous upgrade to a regular flatbed scanner.

Portable Scanners:

Portable scanners are designed to capture text and other data while you are on the go. The scanner is powered by batteries and once you scan the text, the content is stored on the portable scanner. Once you get home, you can transfer the content to a computer. Transferring to your computer is done by using a cable or a wireless connection.