Blue Screen on Startup – Error: “System Blocked For Security Reasons”

You’ll find this message pop up when you turn your computer on or open a browser window such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Typically this gets installed because of Bundled Software.

This is a form of Malware, specifically, a type of Scareware trying to provoke and scare the individual to call the provided number in an attempt to get banking info, personal info or money over the phone, however, your personal info is only at stake if you call the number. Nothing will actually happen on the computer and it’s just a harmless message on your screen (harmless, but annoying).

They claim they’re with Microsoft or another reputable company and allegedly are trying to help you but if anyone claims to be Microsoft you can already know they can’t be trusted as Microsoft doesn’t have any type of contact number for help or support and certainly will not go out of their way to contact consumers themselves.

The Fix

To fix this we need to find where it’s coming from so we can remove it.

First, remove anything you can find that’s harmful on the computer. Check the Programs List for suspicious programs, Extensions and Startup menu items. Be sure to check ALL browsers.

If you can’t seem to find anything or removing those items doesn’t resolve the issue, double check the program files under the C: Drive:
It’s good to check all the folders, but you have 2 folder’s where installed programs should be saved. The 2 folders you want to check are:
C:Program Files (x86)
C:Program Files

Both these folders can still have program files left over from programs that have already been removed but not completely.

In this case for a customer, the program was called: MS Soft Solutions

What’s interesting about this, on first glance it looks like a Windows file or program but this is not Published by Windows.
So be sure to check programs that look suspicious despite looking safe at first glance.

Once we deleted the folder and all its contents we were able to restart without the error message.
When we tried to delete the folder it rejected the request because it was running in the background. If you get this error, open Task Manager and switch to the Processes tab to locate any process from that program that’s running. Terminate all of them by right-clicking and selecting “End process”.

Reboot the computer and the issue should be resolved. It would be good to run a virus scan regardless if this fixed the issue but if it didn’t resolve your issue here are a few other tips you can try:

  • Running Malwarebytes, Kaspersky’s Rootkit scanner called Tdskiller, Hitman Pro, Bitdefender.
  • Running Ccleaner Registry scan or an SFC Scan through CMD Prompt.

If none of these options work, Reboot into Safe mode and repeat the process.

Full Text of the Scareware:

Please ensure you do not restart your computer it may lead to Permanent LOSS of the System or data LOSS. WARNING – MICROSOFT WINDOWS has detected that a PORN VIRUS has INFECTED your system and trying to STRIP pictures, data and SOCIAL NETWORKING PASSWORDS. This is a SERIOUS HACKING ISSUE You may be a VICTIM of ONLINE IDENTITY LOSS. Please CONTACT +1-866-314-4893 for SUPPORT to Visit
Copyright 2016 MICROSOFT. All rights reserved.
Call TOLL Free +1-866-314-4893 Or Visit
Your Browser have been HIJACKED or HIJACKER.
Consequently we are performing additional SECURITY checks to verify the source of the INFECTION and have halted all your system resources in order to prevent any additional LOSS of your system and INFORMATION. Please ensure you do not restart your COMPUTER to prevent data LOSS.
Private and FINANCIAL data is at RISK:
– Your CREDIT card details and BANKING INFORMATION
– Your e-mail PASSWORDS and other account PASSWORDS
– Your FACEBOOK, Skype, AIM, ICQ and other chat logs
– Your PRIVATE & family photos and other SENSITIVE files
– Your COMPUTER could be accessed REMOTELY by stalkers
seeing these pop-up’s mean that you may have a VIRUS installed in your COMPUTER which puts the SECURITY of your personal data at a SERIOUS RISK. It’s strongly advised that you CONTACT the number above and get your COMPUTER INSPECTED before you continue using your Internet, especially for SHOPPING or BANKING.
Call IMMEDIATELY for assistance. Contact MICROSOFT At (+1-866-314-4893)
>>>>> Scam message in the background:
Error Code: #E0x0D49
Call Support (Toll Free) 1-866-314-4893
Provide this error code to fix this issue.
Your PC ran into a problem and needs urgent attention. You need to contact support at toll free 1-866-314-4893
Error code for this problem is 0x00019F. Please share this code with support expert so that you can get this instant solution for this problem.
Error Code: 0x000019F
Possible Reason: Security Breach/Virus Attack
Affected Entity: Personal Data, Banking/Credit Card Details
Action Required: Don’t turn off or reboot your computer as it may lead to data loss and computer crash.
Error Code: #E0x0D49
Call Support (Toll Free) 1-866-314-4893 Provide this error code to fix this issue on call.

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