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Why Consider a Membership and What Tech Support Companies are Legitimate?

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HelpCloud services include a technical support membership for those who rely on regular help with their personal digital devices and online experience. We take pride in the aid that we give to our customers. Unfortunately, the tech support industry is riddled with scammers and it’s difficult to keep up with the latest plots and strategies of those who take advantage of vulnerable demographics.

We’re here to help set the record straight on who and what is a legitimate technical support company (one hint: a legitimate company has a comprehensive membership program). Additionally, how does one identify the scammers, and why are authentic and capable tech support companies necessary to those with limited tech capabilities and essential for senior citizens that want to use technology to assist them with aging in place.

What is Remote Technical Support for Consumers?

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How it’s done

Remote technical support for consumers is tech support services for individuals from the comfort of their own home where the customer and trusted tech support company connect devices with remote access software. Remote access software for technical issues is widely used, examples being ISPs (internet service providers) troubleshooting network latency issues from the customer’s computer, IT departments at businesses to troubleshoot issues for employees, and also by technical support companies that provide services to consumers that would rather have an expert examine their computer while in the comfort of their home. HelpCloud can connect with desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. A real tech support company offers 24/7 phone or chat support for troubleshooting these devices and any issue one may encounter. This also applies for hardware issues with printers, scanners, smart devices, etc.

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HelpCloud Tech Support membership package for the at-home consumer:
  • 24/7 technical support via telephone or chat, ability to connect with and fix issues on most devices
  • Regular data backup in the cloud
  • Antivirus and firewall software
  • Identity theft protection and restoration services
    • HelpCloud partners with EZShield®
    • Services include: Dark Web Monitoring, Credit Monitoring, Online Identity Vault, Fully-managed restoration services with 1-on-1 care in the event that you experience identity theft, End2End Defense® 32-step restoration process, 24/7 live support
  • We educate our customers with:
  • Quarterly computer cleans for desktop and laptop devices
  • Support for all devices: computer, laptop, mobile, tablets, printer, smart devices etc.

Purchase Now

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Why consider a membership with HelpCloud Tech Support?
  • You will have trusted experts to call for support and consultation concerning everyday technical issues
  • We help you with your computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet issues. We can also help you setup and troubleshoot printers, keyboards, smart devices, help with minor router issues, and more
  • Your antivirus and firewall software will always be up-to-date and active
  • Your computer files are always backed up
  • You have access to EZShield’s professionals with expert knowledge on identity theft protection and restoration
  • Get real advice on what browser extensions and websites are safe and beneficial and which are malicious
  • We curate and build a search engine that serves as a tool for troubleshooting a technical issue
  • Our twice weekly emails and YouTube videos are specifically created with our customer in mind, we want you to benefit and learn
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Unfortunately there are downsides to both the technical support industry for consumers and the abuse of remote access software. If you allow access to malicious parties in the guise of legitimate technical support then they have access to your device and any personal information on that device.

If a senior citizen, or an individual with no desire to acquire basic technical skills, or really anyone that wishes to have easy go-to help for all technical issues then this is the type of service that they need. But how does someone know the fake from the real? It’s good to know the current and latest scams, but that can be difficult to follow as scammers are always ahead of the curve as they define the curve when it comes to scams and fraud. There are some red flags that signal a scam and checklist items to help ensure you what’s real that will be covered later in this article. As someone investigating this service for yourself or for a friend and loved one, it’s critical to be critical.

Why Have a Personal Technical Support Company?

Friends and family are not as readily available as is ideal for their parents, grandparents, and older friends

Sometimes relatives do more harm than help

Without a doubt, the developments in digital technology and the internet in the past 25 years has changed the world. On many levels it has caused paradigm shifts, ex. a change in how we communicate with one another. Keeping up with these changes is difficult for most people, much more so for those that did not grow up with or experience these technologies at younger ages. Who is there for these people in this sometimes precarious environment?

As much as someone would like to be there for those in their life that aren’t tech savvy, they simply cannot always offer timely assistance or appropraite support. Who is to say that you, not an expert or trained technician, is properly removing malware from their computer when they inevitably click or download something they should not have? While it is great to be there and help, why not have experts available 24/7 for your loved ones and neighbors?

This need won’t go away as new generations get older, there will more than likely always be a rapidly evolving technological curve and most senior citizens will not have the desire or time to keep with the curve, they would rather have go-to experts for help. That’s why our services are so important.

Give your parents or grandparents real experts to go to when they have questions and concerns when victims or potential victims of scams

If you don’t know how then don’t diagnose someone else’s technical issues. Our company, due to the deservedly poor reputation of the industry, has been assumed to be a scam and this adversely impacts our business and those customers that we serve. Well meaning, but misinformed, child and grandchildren of our customers have left reviews or told their loved ones things that are factually incorrect, they themselves assuming they know what is legitimate and illegitimate technical support. Why not have an expert for those that you care about who they can turn to and inquire at any time if a system alert, pop-up message, download, service that they find online, etc. is a scam or not? Many times we have saved customers from spending money on a scam or clicking a pop-up or download that would have put their information and computer at risk.

A comprehensive approach to computer and internet safety

A legitimate and always available technical support company doesn’t just offer advice and fixes for a customer’s computer problems but also a comprehensive package that protects their device and also their online behavior. This means identity theft protection (internet monitoring) and restoration services, as well as, learning materials for the customers that keep them aware, at the elementary level, of how to protect their personal and financial information. Additionally, a legitimate company should offer data backup in case of system crashes and readily having the data to sync across to a customer’s new computer.

One must also consider that technical support for purchased devices is either poor or nonexistent. There is no need to highlight the difficulties that we all have when trying to get qualified and effective support from our internet service providers. A tech support company specializes in being available to assist their customers. We are where our customers turn first and we fix their issues or help connect them with an expert that can.

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Aging in Place, technology can help and we help with technology

Aging in Place is becoming an ever increasingly popular topic among those preparing for or just entering retirement. It is a normal human desire to spend the sunset of life comfortable in familiar surroundings. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines aging in place as “the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level”. Aging in place includes being able to plan for your home, health care, finances, travel, and entertainment. While making a plan for aging in place one has to consider how technology can assist with this process. How can a smart home be beneficial for those that want to age in place? What role does smart home security and all devices connected to your internet play? How is personal tech support part of aging in place with all the modern and ever changing devices?

How to Decipher if it’s the Real Deal

Eventually there will be established names in this industry that almost anyone will recognize as legitimate and valuable services. HelpCloud hopes to further build its name and reputation as one of these companies. Consumers should be critical and screen companies to find the legitimate services worthy of your membership. Below are some checklists to help you with this process.

Checklist to make sure it’s a real tech support company:

  • USA based phone number, verified on company’s website, social media, and other business profiles (BBB, Trustpilot)
  • The business is PCI compliant, meaning they follow payment card industry standards
    • HelpCloud is PCI compliant and we can run all major credit cards
    • If the company is asking for check, money order, gift cards, etc. as payment then do not proceed
  • American English speakers on the phone
  • Investigate reviews and testimonials of the company on Trustpilot, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews (on their Facebook page — they should have one), and Better Business Bureau
  • Youtube help channel
  • Blog help articles
  • Advertise only through legitimate mediums, ex. Google (who screens and controls advertisements from online tech support companies)
  • The company should not advertise through invasive pop-ups, the only pop-ups should be IF you are on their website
  • Make sure to read the full website or ad, if it’s declared as a third party tech support company then it’s more likely to be legitimate

An example from our advertisement:

Legal disclaimer from HelpCloud

Red flags of a scam:

The FTC has provided a great write-up on how to figure out if supposed tech support services are a scam. Additionally, a helpful article is found on Wikipedia.

The following is our checklist of red flags that help you know if it’s a scam:

  • Microsoft or Apple will never call you, hang up if they say they are representatives from this company
  • Operating system (Microsoft or Mac) alerts will never ask you to call a phone number
  • The representative asks you to download and pay for a antivirus software on the call
  • The call comes from an offshore representative whom you have not contacted (a cold call)
  • The person on the phone says that they need to issue you a refund, but need your credit card info
    • One example: they say they are with your current tech support company, want to refund you, need your credit card (they will actually charge it)
    • To verify that it’s your company, have them verify the email and billing address that they have on record


There is peace of mind for the consumer, or someone representing the consumer, in signing up for a membership with a legitimate technical support company. Not only are you in the hands of technical experts but are also protected via identity theft protection and restoration services. It is also an opportunity to receive learning materials from a company that is specifically focused on what their customers need to learn. We receive calls and emails at all hours and by listening to and reading through their issues we assess what technical tips to create next in order to help keep our customers educated and safe online.

Help clean this industry up by properly screening technical support services. Call the number they provide and speak with their customer service. It shouldn’t take long to know if it’s the real deal like HelpCloud Tech Support. Get the help you or your loved ones deserve from those that work hard to provide it.

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