Give the Gift of Tech Support

Is 24/7 consumer tech support right for you or a loved one?

The best remote tech support membership for consumers

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Have peace of mind knowing that you or a loved one can reach out to a professional technician 24/7 for any at-home tech issue. We are a locally owned and operated business located near Salt Lake City, Utah and have made the promise to never offshore or outsource our services. Learn more about HelpCloud here.

With the HelpCloud Tech Support membership our members are also secured with a premium license to Webroot® antivirus software, unlimited data backup with a premium license to iDrive®, and protected with our partnered identity and restoration services via EZShield®. All this, along with quarterly computer cleans and weekly Tech Tips for one bundled month-to-month price of $29.97. This membership has no contract and can be cancelled at any time by phone or email. Call 800-813-5977 to learn more.  

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Give the Gift of Tech Support

What a HelpCloud Tech Support Membership includes:

  • 24/7 technical support via telephone or chat, ability to connect with and fix issues on most devices
  • Regular data backup in the cloud
  • Antivirus and firewall software
  • Identity theft protection and restoration services
    • HelpCloud partners with EZShield®
    • Services include: Dark Web Monitoring, Credit Monitoring, Online Identity Vault, Fully-managed restoration services with 1-on-1 care in the event that you experience identity theft, End2End Defense® 32-step restoration process, 24/7 live support
  • We educate our customers with:
  • Quarterly computer cleans for desktop and laptop devices
  • Support for all devices: computer, laptop, mobile, tablets, printer, smart devices etc.

What are the benefits of a month-to-month at-home tech support membership:

  • Never leave the comfort of your home for technical support
  • You will have trusted experts to call 24/7 for support and consultation concerning everyday technical issues
  • We help you with your computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet issues. We can also help you setup and troubleshoot printers, keyboards, smart devices, help with minor router issues, and more
  • Your antivirus and firewall software will always be up-to-date and active
  • Your computer files are always backed up
  • You have access to EZShield’s professionals with expert knowledge on identity theft protection and restoration
  • Get real advice on what browser extensions and websites are safe and beneficial and which are malicious
  • We curate and build a search engine that serves as a tool for troubleshooting a technical issue
  • Our twice weekly emails and YouTube videos are specifically created with our customer in mind, we want you to benefit and learn

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A banner of icons saying, "USA based, 100% guaranteed, 24/7 support"

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Erik graduated from Utah Valley University in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science and a minor in Spanish. Additionally, being raised by a German mother, he spent a part of his childhood and also the beginning of his professional career in Germany where he worked as a Digital Strategist for adesta, a locally owned business in Darmstadt. Speaking three languages has opened up the world to him and influences the breadth of topics covered in his articles. He has always held an affinity for the world wide web and its workings, development, history and future.

Being a key player in the development of, and Director of Marketing for HelpCloud, he takes the content displayed and utilized on HelpCloud extremely seriously.