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The Top Back to School Gifts for Students

It’s that time of year. While calling my brother this week I could feel change in the atmosphere. Kids pushing for one last unforgettable week of summer fun before the end of the glorious summer. Parents trying to get all their supplies in order for the new school year. It’s back to school.

This week we explore the best gifts for students, both for the artists or the science and tech minded. Maybe you’re a parent, grandparent, other relative or friend looking to give a gift to help them start the year right. This article is for you! 

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Disclaimer: most of the links to products in this blog post are affiliate links and we will make a small commission if you click this link then purchase a product on Amazon.

Gadgets and Tools for the Artistic Students

Crayons, Colored Pencils, Markers and more

You need to fuel the endless demand for resources to create one's art! Restocking an artist's supplies is always a gracious thing to do. Consider asking what their favorite medium is (ex. pencil, marker, paint, etc.) or even if they have a favorite brand. Some artists can be picky, and for good reason. Your tools matter. Here’s a link to the art supplies category on Amazon.

Cases, Storage, and Boxes (organizational gifts)

A handy case for your art supplies, train cases for transporting materials, and storage boxes for supplies are just a start of ideas for organizational gifts. Some artistic or creative types are organized and some are unorganized. So this type of gift for any student would greatly please or benefit them. Some students even love to take a special handheld art supply case with them to school or on family trips. Your gift would allow the student to craft or sketch anywhere. 

Check out our list for art cases, storage, and boxes on Amazon. 

Gadgets and Tools for the Scientific and Tech Students

LEGO STEM Builds and Activities

These are pretty dang cool. STEM stands for "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics". These STEM LEGO projects help illustrate how these fields are so interrelated. 

Here’s a list of links to some of the best STEM LEGO products on Amazon:

Lab Experiment and Other Science Kits

Students interested in STEM topics need to explore as many of those topics as possible. Allowing this freedom to focus on wherever their interests take them may help them find a profession for which they are passionate. At-home science and lab kits are great ways to get hands-on experience for different hard science and technology subjects. We put together a science kits for kids list on Amazon. 

Gadgets and Tools for any Student

There is crossover between the sciences and arts, and there is crossover in the tools that any student can use and appreciate. 

Desk or Reading Lamps

Good lighting makes a lot of difference for someone working on art projects, on STEM projects, while writing, while on a computer, or for recreational reading. A flexible and adjustable  lamp is nice to have when working or the fine details of a painting or putting small parts together. I especially suggest the lamp with a magnifying glass for those that really work with their hands. 

Our suggestions on Amazon:

Headphones (with a microphone)

Anyone should be able to enjoy some good quality audio whether playing their game, listening to music, watching their show, or even, most importantly, doing their homework. Headphones help lots of students to concentrate. Put on some good music with the noise cancellation setting, they can focus on their homework or other projects for extended periods of time. 

You mine as well get headsets with microphones, people want to game and video chat with their friends these days. This also helps the student be prepared for if the class ever has to be held remotely. Having noise canceling headphones AND microphone really does enhance the remote experience for your student and those in the video call with them. A good microphone helps keep the barking dog quiet in the video call. 

Our suggestions on Amazon: 

Fostering a Passion for Learning

Regardless of the type of student you’re shopping for, the goal is to foster a desire and passion for learning. Your gifts can play a vital role in that development. I wish you the best in your shopping for a student’s back to school gift! 

Make HelpCloud technicians your favorite grandchildren, we’re the ones that always answer the phone when you need at-home tech help:

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