The DJI Osmo Pocket: Is it Still Worth it in 2020?

DJI is known for their quality drones, but they’re a capable competitor in the camera field too. And that’s evident with the Osmo Pocket, a camera with a unique value proposition most competitors can’t match.Unlike most portable handheld cameras, the Osmo Pocket uses hardware instead of software to address shakiness. It uses a Gimbal stabilization system that allows for unique shots as well as remarkable feats of stability.But is it worth the price?

Everything You Need to Know About the DJI Mavic Air 2

DJI rapidly carved out market share with drones that were affordable and packed full of features. The DJI Mavic Air became one of the best bang for buck drones on the market. Its mix of affordable quality and high-tier picture capability set it apart from a lot of other drones. And with the Mavic Air 2, they’ve upped the ante.

AMD vs. Intel Processors: which is better?

A computer processor is a chip that carries out calculations. Processors receive input data, process said data and create output data. Behind every task your computer does is the processor; due to this, many people call the processor the brain of the computer.   AMD recently released its third-generation desktop processor. They also released a… Read more →

Resolution’s Helix Wireless Security Panel

What It Is, Why You Need One and How to Get the Most Out of It There are seemingly countless reasons you should own a security system. In addition to keeping unwanted guests from entering your home, the right system can also safeguard your residence from other damaging elements, like carbon monoxide, fire and water.… Read more →

Thinking About Upgrading to a Smart TV? Here’s How to Find the Best Deal Online

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new smart TV, take a little time to search online before you head to the store. You can research prices, read reviews and find accessories you might want to purchase with your TV. In some ways, this is like window shopping, but without needing to leave your home.