How to Best Use Remote Tech Support During Self-Isolation or Quarantine

Because of the recent worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, much of the world has been forced to stay inside and stay away from other people. For those in high-risk populations, maintaining this social distance is very important. Despite all this, many aspects of day-to-day life must go on, which means we still need technology.

In fact, many people are using technology more than ever by virtually connecting with friends and family, working remotely, or simply keeping busy during this quarantine. Smartphone users who track their own screen time have seen major increases in usage over the last few weeks.

It makes sense that as people spend more time inside they use more technology. It’s the easiest way to minimize disruptions to our life. The consequence of increased technology use, though is tech issues increase tremendously, as well.

Unfortunately, while issues arise, visiting a tech-support store or inviting a tech-savvy relative over is dangerous. With all the potential problems, how can you best use tech support during self-isolation in order to keep your daily life functioning?

Tech Support Memberships

Give the Gift of Tech Support

During this era of social distancing and quarantine, we’re lucky to live in a time of advanced technology. While you have many options for virtually connecting with the world, it’s just as simple to receive virtual support in answering all your tech questions. 

One option for support is to subscribe to a comprehensive tech support package. Membership with HelpCloud Tech Support includes 24-hour support. If you’re having issues chatting with a friend in a different time zone, the 24-hour support can help you, no matter the time of day. Because some people are more comfortable speaking over the phone and others prefer chatting online, this tech support is available via telephone or chat.

The great thing about having a membership to an ongoing tech support package is it includes tutorials, blog posts, and Tech Tip emails, so you can learn more about solving the issues on your own in the future.

Quarantine is the perfect time to gain more independence in your tech life. It’s possible when this period of quarantine is over, you’ll be the one relatives call to solve technical problems.  

Another benefit of tech support memberships is that you can store information in the cloud, so even if something happens to your device, you’ll never lose access to your family photos and other important documents.

What some people don’t know is that storing too much stuff on a device causes it to slow down and have more problems. Your membership will clean up your devices for you. It’ll search for software that you don’t really need or use and help you delete it. Also, with more data stored in the cloud, your device will run more smoothly.

Even though you may feel like you have less tech support now that you can’t call your family members to come over whenever you want, the support you receive through a tech support membership is actually able to help you more frequently than your relatives can.

Unlike kids and grandkids who have busy schedules with jobs, school, and other responsibilities, your tech support will be ready at any time and as frequently as needed. If you need support every day or even multiple times of day, you’ll get it. Not many grandkids can offer that level of commitment.

By-the-Hour Technicians

Many people feel that their technology-related skills have improved over the past few years. Maybe you’ve started retaining all the tips and tricks your kids have taught you about the more commonly occurring tech problems.

For those people who are already moderately tech-savvy, the constant aid of a tech support membership could be unnecessary, and an hourly technician might be the better option. If you expect to only need tech support occasionally, you may end up saving money by choosing to get help from HelpCloud’s technicians by-the-hour.

Even the most technology-savvy person encounters brand new issues occasionally, and it’s helpful to have someone who can walk you through solving those problems without putting yourself at risk contracting the COVID-19 virus.

There are lots of things that can cause unexpected and infrequent technology errors. For example, new software updates can be tricky. While intended to improve your technology experience, these new updates require learning new methods of using your device. Occasionally new updates contain hidden errors that must be dealt with, and they can also cause certain programs to no longer be compatible with your device.

Depending on your level of needed support when issues arise, hourly technicians can either talk you through solving the problem on your own, or they can fix the completely fix the issue for you. 

To take over and fix your problem, technicians take control by using secure software that you’ll download. Then they virtually fix the problem for you.  After everything is working again, to maintain security, you’ll delete the software so the technicians can no longer access your device.

There aren’t many tech problems hourly technicians can’t solve. Whether you need help setting up a new tablet, connecting to your printer, recovering access to an email account, or getting a more reliable connection to the Internet, you’ll be able to reach an expert who can help. You’ll be quickly able to access the things you need once again.

HelpCloud Introduces: Technician by-the-hour Service

Avoid Cybercrime

One of the most common issues with technology is dealing with security issues. Sadly, cybercrime is an increasingly common problem. In fact, in 2018 alone, nearly a quarter of Americans reported that they had been victims of cybercrime.


 An even more concerning statistic is that nearly three-quarters of adults over 45 report having experienced a cybercrime attempt. The cybercrime statistics are especially grim for people over age 50. In a single year, victims ages 50 and older reported financial losses from cybercrime that totaled over $1.4 billion.

Often this type of crime occurs without the victim even being aware. This is why it’s very important to be up-to-date on security. The good news is that both tech support membership services and hourly technicians are fully equipped to improve your level of security.

A technician can talk you through the process of proactively setting up security software in order to avoid becoming a part of the alarming statistics. Technicians can also help you figure out what to do if you have already experienced a cyberattack.

Tech Support Membership services include antivirus software and identity theft protection. Both hourly technicians and tech support memberships are great options for staying safe and avoiding cybercrime.

Receive Trusted Support

How to Give Remote Tech Support

One of the most frequent forms of cybercrime is Internet fraud targeted at seniors. Many cybercriminals promote fake advertisements for services that will protect from a cyberattack, when instead they are stealing your information.

It’s very important to ensure your tech support is coming from a trusted source. If you find contact information for a tech support service with a well-known name on their own website, you should be safe talking with them.

Double-check that the website you are looking at is in fact, the company’s real website. Sometimes criminals create look-alike websites, hoping to trick people. Look at the web address. 

Reputable companies almost always have their own name for their web address, so if you see anything else, be extremely cautious. You can also use tools like Google Safe Browsing and other website checkers to check if a website is reputable.  

Be cautious of any phone calls or emails you receive from people offering tech support. Criminals frequently pretend to be offering support while actually stealing sensitive information or gaining access to your accounts and information.

Support Across All Devices

In the year 2000, around 50 percent of households had a computer. Today, between computers, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, U.S. households have an average of 11 different devices. 

With the increase in devices and frequent software updates for all of those devices, it can feel overwhelming keeping up with how they all work. It’s especially difficult when many of your devices are connected to each other. Nearly everyone, regardless of age, has felt the frustration of not being able to get speakers or headphones to properly connect a device.

Tech support through a HelpCloud membership or a by-the-hour technician can guide you through the use of every device, including how to make sure every device is able to connect with each other properly.

Stay Connected

Most people in the world are used to face-to-face interactions on a regular basis. This makes quarantines due to the coronavirus difficult and isolating. It’s important to keep up relationships during this time through virtual connections.

Socializing, even virtually, improves health and mood. This is true especially among older adults. Call a family member, Skype with a neighbor, or write an email to a long-time friend.

This is also an excellent time to learn more about a topic you’ve always been interested. There are tons of resources online for learning new skills or reading about interesting things. Don’t let technology issues get in the way of maintaining an uplifting and fulfilling life during self-isolation. Stay healthy and connected by getting the tech support you need.

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