HelpCloud’s 2019 in Review

2019 is by far our best year here at HelpCloud. Well, it’s our only year, so that was an easy decision. This year we are so excited to have launched HelpCloud. The brainstorming and forming of HelpCloud started in August of 2018. Seven months later we officially launched the website and company on April 1, 2019. No, it was not an April Fool’s joke. But the day did bring us a lot of joy. We are thankful to have the name HelpCloud and know that it will help define our mission and carry us into the future.

What is HelpCloud’s Mission?

To provide everyone with a resolution to their tech issue. Be it through HelpCloud Search or through our supplemental support services (HelpCloud Tech Support membership or HelpCloud Technician by-the-hour).

Our team helped with 23,828 support cases this year!

2020 is a big year for us and we have big plans. Stay tuned.

What was our Focus this Year?

This year we focused on launching the company, its website, and everything associated with keeping the business running. We are a team of approximately 65 employees located in Lindon, Utah. We take pride in never outsourcing our support staff. Our customers love that we are US based and we will keep it that way…forever.

We also focused on amplifying and taking HelpCloud’s YouTube channel to the next level. Our YouTube channel has always been a cornerstone of our business. It demonstrates our dedication to providing how-tos, tech tips, troubleshooting, unboxings, and reviews for all things tech. Our main focus is on everyday consumer electronic, internet or computer issues.

Being locally owned and operated has its advantages. The owners and chief officers of HelpCloud have made it a point to focus on sustainable growth. We want HelpCloud to be able to withstand difficult times without laying off our staff. Rather than quick growth, we want growth that enhances the lives of the workers that keep HelpCloud running while always improving our services.

Big Issues for our Industry

1. Fighting the Scams

Our industry for our monetized services (3rd party tech support) is in a tough phase right now. Unfortunately, a lot of bad actors have used the guise of this industry to scam susceptible demographics. Luckily, we keep our customers protected on numerous levels. From partnering with Webroot SecureAnywhere (and installing the antivirus and firewall software on their devices) and EZShield (our membership includes a membership with EZShield), to fielding regular calls from customers inquiring if a call or pop-up they received is legitimate, to removing malware on a regular basis — we do our best to keep our customers protected. Our regular tech tip emails and videos are of further benefit. We work hard to help keep our customers educated.

We remain committed to providing the best in legitimate tech support. We support the FTC’s and Google Ad Network’s commitment to identifying the bad actors. We feel this industry is becoming ever increasingly important for those demographics that are in need of 24/7 tech support. There is peace in mind in having susceptible demographics subscribing to month-to-month tech support services like our own.

2. The Right to Repair

Another issue we face is the right to repair. The right to repair refers to both an idea as well as proposed legislation that allows a consumer to repair, modify, and improve the devices they have purchased and own rather than being forced into using the manufacturer’s limited approved repair services, parts and accessories. 

This issue doesn’t just impact the tech industry, but also those that work with cars and tractors. Manufacturers need to move away from the ethos that they control what we do with our devices once we buy them.

Our Top 10 YouTube Videos

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Our Top 10 Blog Posts

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  8. How to Setup Your Personal User Account (and Personalize Your PC) for Windows 10
  9. How to Recover, Restore and Reinstall Your macOS
  10. How to Set Up (or Cancel) a Popular Online Streaming Service for Your Home

We wish everyone a very happy holiday season and all the best in 2020!

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