The DJI Osmo Pocket: Is it Still Worth it in 2020?

DJI is known for their quality drones, but they’re a capable competitor in the camera field too. And that’s evident with the Osmo Pocket, a camera with a unique value proposition most competitors can’t match.Unlike most portable handheld cameras, the Osmo Pocket uses hardware instead of software to address shakiness. It uses a Gimbal stabilization system that allows for unique shots as well as remarkable feats of stability.But is it worth the price?

AMD vs. Intel Processors: which is better?

A computer processor is a chip that carries out calculations. Processors receive input data, process said data and create output data. Behind every task your computer does is the processor; due to this, many people call the processor the brain of the computer.   AMD recently released its third-generation desktop processor. They also released a… Read more →