5 of the Best Mesh Wi-Fi Routers Money Can Buy

We have come a long way since that very first dial up router that would take forever to dial us up to the internet. Back then everything was stationary and there wasn’t a need for us to have Wi-Fi in every room in the house. 

These days, having a strong Wi-Fi network signal has become quite a necessity for most of us and when a signal is weak it can cause a lot of frustration and difficulties. Whilst installing a Wi-Fi range extender can help with the signal, there are times when it just won’t be enough because the house may be too big or there may just be too many walls and other obstructions in the way.

When this is the case, the most effective way to get the strongest Wi-Fi signal is to install and set up a mesh Wi-Fi router system. A mesh router system is one which can be spread out around your entire home, allowing you to pick up great signal in every single room, thus getting rid of frustrating network signal delays. 

The best part about mesh routers is that they are easy to set up and although they are composed of multiple devices generically known as mesh nodes, they create a single network which allows you to switch to whichever one of the mesh nodes is providing the strongest signal at the time. 

The purpose of the mesh router is to not just improve the speed of the internet connection in one place, but to improve the speed of your network connection all over your home. It would also be well to note that while mesh Wi-Fi routers are impressive technology, you will still need to make sure you place them in the best position possible — exactly the same way you would with a Wi-Fi range extender.

Following are five mesh Wi-Fi routers which we consider value for money and worth investing in. Each home has different needs so a router which may be great for one person, may not work so well in a different household. 

1. TP Link Deco M5 Router

TP Link Deco M5 Router Wifi Mesh Setup & Config + Review

The first router which we are going to look at is the TP Link Deco M5 mesh router. 

This system comes originally in a set of three nodes, but if you find that you need more then you will be able to pop on over to Amazon and purchase more separately, as you need them. 

This wonderful, nifty little system is very competitively priced and comes in dual band, offering both a 2.4 GHz (Gigahertz) band as well as a 5 GHz band. While the 2.4 GHz band is slower, it is compatible with many more devices and is also able to reach further, sometimes even through walls. 

It is pretty simple to set up and should work very well in all small homes and apartments. All you have to do is download the application in your Apple Store or Google Play Store, and then it will automatically connect with the router once you turn it on. Once you have installed that app, the set up takes just a few short minutes. 

The TP Link Deco also comes with some great specifications which should reassure you that you are getting your money’s worth with this investment. 

This convenient mesh router is able to cover an area space of up to 4500 square feet. It will certainly make a difference in the availability of great signal in your home, that’s for sure. 

2. Asus Zen AX (XT8) Router

This is amongst the most advanced in mesh routers, with breathtaking speeds and employing the new Wi-Fi 6 technology. This means greater speed over many more devices. You’re not likely to ever need the kind of speed it offers, unless you’re a serious gamer, but it is still there. 

While this mesh router does come at rather a hefty price, it is well worth the investment and comes with great security features as well. This mesh router is able to handle pretty much anything you throw at it, at phenomenal speeds. 

That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right one for you. If you aren’t going to really put it through its paces, it may be better to consider it’s slightly slower cousin, which we discuss in the next point. 

Change Your WiFi Settings On Your Deco WiFi System

3. Asus Zen AC (CT8) Router

Whilst the Asus Zen AX (XT8) is the Gladiator of all mesh routers, the Asus Zen AC (CT8) is also very reliable and comes at a much more affordable price tag. It is extremely similar to its speedster cousin but it doesn’t come with quite as much dazzling speed. 

This beauty can hold its own against its cousin in almost all areas, except that it comes with Wi-Fi 5 technology instead of the upgraded Wi-Fi 6. This router is also able to handle the stress of having multiple devices connected to it all at once and shows sterling performance. 

This mesh router is relatively easy to set up and once you have got it installed and set up, you will have access to many more settings which will help you to get it completely in tune with your home environment. It also has quite an impressive specification sheet.

4. Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

The Google Nest Wi-Fi router is designed with clean and elegant lines, as well as being really compact and it comes with an advanced security chip as well. 

It is also very simple to set up and has clear and easy to navigate controls. This makes it quite desirable as it fits into most homes with effortless ease. Another thing which this little gem has to offer is a built in speaker. This is not something which is generally part of a Wi-Fi mesh router but Google decided to add it as part of their upgrade and it sure comes in handy!

And if you don’t like the color white, this router comes in Mist and Sand colors as well, so you have a wider variety of choice. And its specification sheet leaves you wondering why it isn’t more expensive. 

5. Netgear Orbi (RBK50) Router

Last, but certainly not least, comes the Netgear Orbi (RBK50). To be completely honest, the one thing that really counts against this router is the fact that it is quite large, compared to the smaller mesh routers out there. 

That being said, it is one of the fastest and more powerful mesh routers available, having fantastic range and able to cover large areas at super speeds. 


Let’s not forget the Orbi’s specification sheet and many other points which count in its favor. While it may be larger than many other mesh routers, it is still a very elegant design and will fit right in to your home décor. 

All That Remains Is to Decide …

Now that you have got some of the best choices before you, all that remains is for you to make a decision as to which would be the best mesh Wi-Fi router to suit all your needs. If you are just starting out and need to boost your Wi-Fi signal and speed, then the TP Link Deco M5 is the right choice. 

If you’re a serious gamer and need excess speed and agility, then you’re going to want to invest in the Asus Zen AX (XT8) router as this will give you everything you’re looking for. If, however, you don’t need your Wi-Fi to be as fast as the speed of light, but you still want something top of the range, then the Asus Zen AC (CT8) is just the right fit.

If you’re after pure elegance and style, with an added speaker to boot, then the Google Nest is perfect. And lastly, if you are looking for a slightly more bulky yet efficient option, look no further than the Netgear Orbi (RBK50). Also, it would be well to keep in mind throughout the setup process that it is best to choose a strong Wi-Fi password for safety. 

While your Wi-Fi is in your home, it can still be susceptible to moochers who are looking to hitch a ride on someone else’s Wi-Fi. And if they do gain access to your Wi-Fi, it can compromise your personal security. So remember to choose a strong Wi-Fi password and keep your home devices safe from the roving eyes of those who walk on the dark side. 
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